Thoughts, notes and (brief) updates on Libya, Tunisia, Syria, the Middle East and the wider international refugee situation…

(16/05/16) – Talk all written – needing rehearsal, but hopefully see you on Wednesday… Libya, refugees, the EU, and more…

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(12/05/16) – Following on from Rory’s latest blog on the  recent Government vote on accepting 3000 unaccompanied refugee children and the initial response to refuse them asylum. I think it is appropriate to show the latest harrowing video from Save the Children which will put into perspective what these desperate Children are going through. please take the time to watch this video. you can support Save the Children HERE

Still The Most Shocking Second A Day

The refugee crisis isn’t just a story on the news – it’s happening here and it’s happening now. Please watch and share. Donate now to our Child Refugee Crisis Appeal: A human tragedy is unfolding. 60 million people have been forced to flee their homes – creating the largest refugee crisis since World War II.

(10/05/16) – This piece I wrote for Refugees Deeply is the site’s main story right now.
I am extremely happy about this:



(10/05/16) –  Check out Rory’s Latest Column on

Betrayed: How Britain Turned Away 3,000 Children

While David Cameron has made concessions over the U.K. taking in young refugees, author and commentator Rory O’Keeffe argues British parliamentary ploys to obstruct asylum seekers are undemocratic and calls for a long-term open-door policy for minors.

(05/05/16) –  Writeblend bookshop, Waterloo are preparing for the Blend of Words Festival – Rory will be appearing on 18 May

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