amazoncouk4starMax RG, 9 March. 2016
A fresh perspective on the Libyan revolution
Having read several books on ‘the Arab Spring’ and the Libyan Revolution, this book really stood out to me as presenting a side of the conflict that I hadn’t read before. The book covers life in Libya in the immediate aftermath of the revolution, as people tried to adapt to the new reality of life in their country and tried to assess what the future held for them. It shows the consequences of war on ordinary people not only during the conflict but also as Libya started to try to rebuild and a shape its new identity. As a result, it presents a snapshot that is at times desperate but at others hopeful – and one that is made more sad in light of what is now going on in the country.

Its focus on telling the stories of ordinary people living in the country helps to create a sense of understanding, and hits home at the reality of life on the ground. The author has done a good job of presenting a broad range of perspectives – from pro and anti-Gadaffi fighters, to refugees living in the country and minority groups suffering at the hands of victorious militia factions. I would definitely recommend this book for those interested in the consequences of the ‘Arab Spring’ on the lives of everyday people who have lived and are living through an extraordinary and desperate time for Libya.