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Routine Atrocity: Death at sea, in Syria, Libya and beyond…

The song Nature Boy by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds begins with the protagonist watching the news and seeing: ‘…ordinary slaughter, I saw some routine atrocity’. The point is reasonably clear – that faced with continual exposure to the horrendous, even the worst things we could possibly imagine become somehow run-of-the mill, or commonplace. I only mention it because in a conversation with my partner yesterday I almost – though not quite – answered … Continue reading

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The EU and Turkey’s ‘Action Plan’: a bad deal for the world’s most desperate

On 29th November, when the EU was just eleven months into its year of failure, it struck a deal with Turkey in an attempt to address part of the international refugee crisis. It is remarkable – and flawed.

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Notes 3. The Jungle, Calais: Refugees, and how the UK government could help itself

Not every story you hear from refugees is one of heroism, triumph over adversity, or harrowing despicable mistreatment suffered and overcome to reach a destination.

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Notes 7; The Jungle, Calais: Francois, France, the UK and the real world

‘I live in a little village by the sea. It is out of the real world. This camp, here, is part of the real world. ‘The real world is dictators. It is trouble, fighting and war. I cannot live near the real world and not be a part of it. I cannot turn away and not be a part of it.’

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Notes 8; The Jungle, Calais: Osman, family and UK law

                  Osman, Northern Iraq I came here yesterday. I had been in Paris with my family. They went to the UK, but I cannot get to the UK yet, so I had to come here.

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