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The EU and Turkey’s ‘Action Plan’: a bad deal for the world’s most desperate

On 29th November, when the EU was just eleven months into its year of failure, it struck a deal with Turkey in an attempt to address part of the international refugee crisis. It is remarkable – and flawed.

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Notes 5: The Jungle, Calais. Hamid, war and fences.

                  Hamid, Afghanistan If I could say one thing to the UK government I would say instead of spending so much money on fences and police*, spend it on refugees instead.

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Notes 6: The Jungle, Calais. Feeding ‘the’ 500 (and why it is never enough)

In late afternoon, you walk again between the camp’s central point and its eastern edge. In the watery early winter sunlight, and surrounded by thousands of people whose seemingly hopeless situation – unable to return home and unable even to apply to enter the UK – threatens to overwhelm you, you have the sensation of being submerged; of simultaneously being hindered and borne up as if attempting to walk on a sea-bed.

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