In mid-January 2016, I left two copies of my book: The Toss of a Coin: voices from a modern crisis in public places, to be found and read by whoever picked them up.

Inside the front cover, I wrote the following:


‘If you are reading this, I guess you have picked it up somewhere, or been handed it by a friend/family member/stranger.

‘So, the story is: this is my first book. It’s made up of the first-person accounts of refugees from Libya.

‘But in every print-ruBooksn, there are a few not-quite-perfect ‘products’. They can’t be sold in shops, or online. Instead, I have left this (and one other) copy on public transport.

‘Which is where you come in: you can read this, then visit the web address below,* and say how you got it, which copy you got (either De or Ga), and what you thought of it.

‘Then, please give it to someone else, or leave it on a bus/train/at a station.

‘Thank you!’

Here, you can read where the books have been, and what people thought of them… Enjoy.  

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